Emergency Money to Prevent Eviction

For people living paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected illness or job loss can create a financial crisis resulting in difficult choices among rent, utilities, health care, day care and so much more. These families walk a fine line that can easily cascade into homelessness, upheaval and despair.

When this happens, Crisis Assistance Ministry is available with emergency financial aid, referrals to community resources, and a helping hand.

Located at 500-A Spratt Street near Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Crisis Assistance Ministry serves people in need with emergency money to prevent eviction or utility disconnection. Our Free Store provides donated clothing, housewares, furniture and appliances at no cost, so people can spend their limited income on other basic essentials; and our Economic Self-Sufficiency Program counsels families in need.

It is our mission to inspire our community to justice and generosity as provide help, hope and understanding to people struggling with limited financial resources.

Preventing Homelessness in America by preventing Homelessness in Mecklenburg County, NC

We do our small part every day to help prevent homelessness and hopelessness in America by refusing to accept them as part of a civilized society.  Nationwide, homelessness will affect 1 in 35 people for at least one night over a five-year period.  These numbers don’t take into account those that maintain possession of their home but can’t afford basic utilities such as heat and electricity. Click here if you would like to help prevent financial crises.

How you can help

Thanks to a generous community that provides important financial support, Crisis Assistance Ministry helps thousands of families in need every month. Over 94% of every dollar donated goes directly into services that help people daily. Click here to help provide emergency money for people in need.

What Your Time and Effort Can Do
Volunteers are a vital part of the work performed daily, bringing a variety of talents and skills that benefit people in need in tremendous ways. The thousands of hours of service that volunteers donate to Crisis Assistance Ministry each year allow more financial resources to be used for emergency aid, reducing administrative costs and helping make us more responsible stewards of the community's gifts. Click here to donate your time.

Last year, Crisis Assistance Ministry served over 80,000 individuals who, on average, pay 70% of their income on housing and utilities. Whether it’s a warm jacket, help with a heating bill, a bed to sleep on or rental assistance to prevent home eviction, supporters of Crisis Assistance Ministry ensure that no family will go without having their basic needs met.

Information is available at Crisis Assistance.